SOMALIA: Puntland is ready to take pivotal role in rebuilding Somali National army says President Abdiweli

Amid Somalia is facing parlous challenges┬áincluding acute droughts and recurring conflicts, the President of Puntland gave out his government’s determination to take a pivotal role in re-erecting an inclusive Somali National Army, VP Reports.

While speaking to the press in Galkaio’s Abdullahi Yusuf International Airport shortly after arriving from Mogadishu, President Abdiweli spoke on his trip to Mogadishu, terming it as “Successful”.

He stated that Somali leaders of Federal and State levels spearheaded by the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo have had days long conference in Mogadishu, discussing main matters pertaining the current droughts, conflicts and the notorious terrorists militants, Al-shabab, in the country.

H.E Abdiweli stated the leaders had also deeply discussed ways of rebuilding strong and inclusive national army that can defeat the Al-qaida affiliated militants and restore law and order in the country.

The President of Puntland also underlined that the government of Puntland is ready to take its part in these efforts, although the Federal Government is needed to take the lead role.

“Although the Federal Government of Somalia should lead the process to rebuild the Somali National army, Puntland will take a pivotal role”, President Abdiweli Said.