SOMALIA: Puntland President delegation reaches far drought-hit villages in Bari region, delivers aid supplies

Amid devastating droughts in Somalia, the President of Puntland H.E Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas reaches remote drought-hit villages in Bari region as part of his campaign to reach out to the people affected by the droughts, Villa Puntland Reports.

The President along with a large delegation including senior government officials from the cabinet and the parliament had reached several villages including Kobdhexad, dharoor and Yadan-yodin following severe droughts due to lack of rainfalls in the past seasons.

Hundreds of local residents in Kob-dhexad village, chanting welcoming vocals received the President and his delegation. H.E Abdiweli, the President Puntland laid foundation stone for the first Hospital in the village which is expected to be jointly built by the government and the local people under the “Puntland Self-Dependence” initiative.

The “Puntland Self-Dependence” was invented by the current President of Puntland shortly after resuming office in an effort to build the economic infrastructure of the state with the cooperation of the local people.

The Delegation of the President had later held talks with the local people on their social, economic and security conditions and as well as the effects of the droughts.On the other sides, the locals community in Kob-dhexad have thanked the President for the becoming the first serving President of Puntland who visited Kob-dhexad

The delegation later proceeded to Dharor and Yadan-yodin villages where the President met with hundreds of people who have fled other drought-hit regions in Somalia and Ethiopia in pursuit for  rainfalls in the area.

While Delivering humanitarian aids including food, water, clothes and medical supplies to these villages, the President had also met and listened to views of the people in these villages.

Villa Puntland

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