SOMALIA: Puntland minister for Women calls outgoing Somalia President to focus much on rape victims in Mogadishu


Anisa Haji Mumin, Puntland minister for Women and family affairs welcomed Somalia President’s pledge to provide medical assistance to the recent rape victim in Galdogob, Mudug region, but underlined that the outgoing President should focus much on the rape victims in Mogdishu, Villa Puntland Reports.

In press statement released from Villa Somalia, the outgoing Somalia president Hassan Shiekh Mohamud pledged to give $3000 and said he will offer medical assistance to the female victim of rape by a gang in Galdogob.

The minister stated that Puntland will bring the perpetrators of the recent rape in Galdogob before justice and is capable of providing health care the victim in press conference she held in Galkaio.

“I’m remembering Hassan Shiekh, Puntland is government for over 19 years and is capable to prosecute anyone who commits crime, specially against women and i’m calling him to help the women victims of rape in Mogadishu, and also the new cases of male rape victims,” the minister said in a press conference held in Galkaio, the provincial capital of Mudug region.


Villa Puntland

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